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Emergency Announcement

This is SCN's alternate web page (

If you reached this while trying to reach any web page, then SCN's web server is probably unavailable. Perhaps there was a transient problem. But: if repeated attempts end up here then then the web server is not currently available. Hopefully the 'telnet' button above still works, but the other pages and services are currently not available. In the event of an extended outage check below for status.

If you are logged in to SCN and you reached this while starting lynx, then the main web server is most likely down; the SCN web pages are currently not available. Unless there are other problems you should still be able to reach the rest of the World Wide Web. (Use the 'G' command to enter the URL.)

Note that if the web server is down it is quite likely that outbound e-mail is not going out. You can send messages, but they will be stored until outbound service is restored.

Thanks for your patience.

The SCN Volunteers

Status: 07.11.13

The SCN mail/web machine has a hardware problem. Hopefully, it is only a bad power supply, but it will be down till at least Monday the 15th of July, 2013.

Status: 07.15.13

The power supply was replaced and the machine will now power up. However, we are now getting massive disk errors. It is not clear whether this is old disks finally failing, or whether there is a loose connection. The earliest that anyone will be able to take a look is tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th).

Status: 07.17.13

Moved critical info off of failing disk - scn4 (mail and web) will now boot. However, the root file system is still on that disk. That will have to be moved as soon as practical. DNS has been pointed back to the real SCN web site, but it may take an hour or two for the change to percolate through the DNS system. The outstanding mail queue is quite large. It will probably take many hours to work through the backlog.

Patience is a virtue.

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