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User Advisory - System Outage

This is SCN's alternate web page ( [old]

If you reached this while trying to reach any web page, then SCN's web server is probably unavailable. Perhaps there was a transient problem. But: if repeated attempts end up here then then the web server is not currently available. Hopefully the 'telnet' button above still works, but the other pages and services are currently not available. In the event of an extended outage check below for status.

If you are logged in to SCN and you reached this while starting lynx, then the main web server is most likely down; the SCN web pages are currently not available. Unless there are other problems you should still be able to reach the rest of the World Wide Web. (Use the 'G' command to enter the URL.)

Mail users checking SCN mail accounts during a system outage will likely find that the mail server also is unavailable. If the mail server is down you will not be able to access your SCN mail account to read or send mail either through SCN login or through IMAP/POP access.

Note that if the web server is down it is quite likely that outbound e-mail is not going out. You can send messages, but they will be stored until outbound service is restored.

Our volunteers are working on fixes and we will post progress on this page.

SCN's phone number is 206-365-4528 and our regular help email address is help @ scn . org. Our temporary alternate help email address is scn . helpdesk @ gmail . com.

Interested in current volunteer opportunities? Please email volunteer-info @ scn . org.

Our mailing address is:
Seattle Community Network Association
PO Box 15942
Seattle WA 98115

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing with our services and appreciate your patience.

The computer give-away remains open for business! Please send inquiries to computer-giveaway @ scn . org.

- The SCN Volunteers

June 27, 2017:

Service has been restored! And queued e-mail has been delivered. Please contact the SCN Help Desk ( if you have any problems.

June 26, 2017:

Since the 18th: a key machine is not functioning correctly, causing incoming mail to be held for delivery, and rejecting telnet access for some users with a "Connection closed" message. We are working on the problem, but it is proving difficult to diagnose. The system will be down while we work on it.

February 16, 2017, 12:02:

Our volunteers have implemented new email policies to help us reduce the amount of unwanted email, the load on the system and our online reputation with other mail hosts. The new policies cover mail received for those accounts with full mailboxes, those which forward mail to other accounts which do not accept the forwarded mail, and those which appear abandoned. Please contact the help desk if you need assistance with your email.

February 1, 2017, 23:28:

Our volunteer email address is active - volunteer-info @ scn . org. Also computer-giveaway @ scn . org.

January 17, 2017, 18:48:

We are taking additional measures to restrict spam. Please contact the help desk if you notice any new issues with your email.

January 1, 2017, 23:44:

Our faithful volunteers have completed preliminary testing of the mail service, migrated to the replacement Linux machines. Please send details of any issues you encounter with the email service to the help desk email address. And a happy new year to all!

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